The Township Clerk/Administrator is a professional  appointed by the Township Committee to manage the day-to-day operation of the municipality.  As liaison between the Mayor and Township Committee and Township offices and departments, the Clerk/Administrator ensures Township policies are carried out.

The Clerk/Administrator prepares and presents the annual budget to the governing body for their consideration; serves as Personnel Officer, and supervises all departments and employees as provided by law; and has oversight of all employment practices. The Clerk/Administrator receives requests, questions and complaints about Township services not addressed by other departments.

The Clerk/Administrator serves as Secretary to the Township Committee.  In that capacity she prepares agendas, records minutes of meetings, sends and receives legal notices.  The Clerk/Administrator is the custodian of all official documents. 

Under State and local laws, the Clerk/Administrator handles licenses and license applications:  Municipal liquor licenses, as well as raffle and Special Event applications.   

Open Public Record Act requests are submitted to the Clerk/Administrator for action. 

The Clerk/Administrator is the Chief Election Official for the Township, and follows the procedures of the State and County Boards of Elections as prescribed by Statute. 

The Clerk/Administrator provides:  Voter registration forms, receives and verifies petitions, and oversees the operation of any declared municipal election.

Robin Ray, Clerk / Administrator
908-212-7000, Ext. 404
[email protected]

Katelyn Vettel, Deputy Clerk/Registrar 
908-212-7000 Ext. 402
[email protected]

Karen Gorman, Administrative Assistant 
908-212-7000 Ext. 401
[email protected]

Townhall Hours are Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm