Sewer Advisory Committee

This committee serves in an advisory capacity to aid the Township Committee with the administration of all sewer related issues.  The Sewer Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives from the Public Works and Sewer Township Committee Member, the Public Works Manager, a member from the Board of Health, three property owners within the sewer service area, and one alternate.  This committee meets on an as needed basis.

To view the Sewer Advisory Committee's Feasibility Report and Map click on the links below.
SAC Feasibility Study 5.20.15.pdf
SAC Feasibility Map.pdf 

For more information contact Judy Sullivan, Sewer Utility Manager on (908) 212-7000, Ext. 403 or

Sewer Advisory Committee

Current Term
Kenneth Brach 12/31/2021           
Todd Stires 12/31/2022           
Albert Fischer, Board of Health Rep *12/31/2020
John Mantz, PPWM *12/31/2020           
Bernie Pane 12/31/20 20          
Mayor Larry Jacobs  12/31/2020    
 Douglas A. Stevinson - Township Committee  12/31/2020

* Board of Health and Public Works terms are limited by continuance in those positions