Somerset County

Somerset County is at the hub of Central New Jersey.  Its 21 municipalities (including Bedminster Township), which encompass 305 square miles, contain a diversity of landscape, population, and development that reflects the varied lifestyles of its estimated 335,432 residents. 

As one of America’s oldest counties, Somerset is steeped in colonial and Revolutionary War history. The county was established by charter on May 22, 1688, with land conveyances dating to 1651.  Historic sites, monuments, and buildings are found in virtually every town, preserved for future generations. 

Located in the heart of the nation’s largest metropolitan area, Somerset County contains a balance between urban and suburban neighborhoods and rural countrysides.  Fine residential communities, beautiful parks, excellent shopping areas, extensive farmlands, numerous historic sites and outstanding business and industry all make Somerset County a desirable place to live, work, and play. 

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