Agricultural Advisory Committee

Responsibilities of the Open Space/Farmland Advisory Committee have been divided between the Environmental Commission and the new Agricultural Advisory Committee as of January 1, 2018.  Open Space members now act as a subcommittee within the Environmental Commission.  Their goals remain to inform, educate, advise and encourage local officials and residents on the value of and need for preserving Bedminster Township's open space. 

The  Agricultural Advisory Committee focuses on sustainable agriculture; relevant county, state and federal regulations and programs; recommended strategies or initiatives which ensure open space preservation, land stewardship, agricultural sustainability or municipal compliance.

2020 Committee:

James Brady, III                                                     Term Expires:    12/31/2020    
Seat One

Mercedes Rolandelli                                           Term Expires:    12/31/2022
Seat Two

Jim Carter                                                                  Term Expires:    12/31/2020
Seat Three 

Taylor James                                                            Term Expires:    12/31/2022
Alternate #1

Harriet Druskin                                                      Term Expires:    12/31/2020
Alternate #2