The Finance Department is responsible for the receipt, disbursement and accounting of all municipal funds that include grants, indebtedness and investments, in accordance with the laws of the State of New Jersey. The department maintains the required records, ledgers, accounts receivable and accounts payable for the Township, the accompanying general ledgers, and the payroll and coordination of benefits.

The department also manages several Township funds including the Open Space Trust Fund, the Recreation Trust Account, the Housing Trust Fund, the Construction Trust Account, the Animal Trust Account, Sewer Accounts and LOSAP - the Length of Service Award Program - for members of the Far Hills-Bedminster Fire Department, Pottersville Fire Company and the Far Hills-Bedminster First Aid Squad.

Debra Stern, Chief Financial Officer, 908 212-7000 Ext. 413   [email protected]

Elena M. Martin, Accounts Payable, Payroll , 908 212-7000 Ext. 414  [email protected]

Sarah Housman, Finance Clerk/Accounts Payable, 908 212-7000 Ext. 412
[email protected] 

If you have questions regarding a Sewer bill, please contact Adriana McKenna at 908 212-7000 Ext. 433    [email protected]