Environmental Commission

Please see the attached press release regarding the SADC’s upcoming workshop on October 25, 2018, in the auditorium of the New Jersey Department of Agriculture/Health Building.

Beginning Farmers Workshop 10-25-18.pdf

The Environmental Commission advises the Township’s Land Use Board on environmental issues related to all proposed development, and recommends appropriate measures for mitigating the impact in accordance with Township, State and Federal ordinances, laws and regulations.

One of the first Environmental Commissions established in New Jersey, the commission also conducts research into open land and works to conserve these areas whenever possible. Members and volunteers also work to establish or improve walking trails for humans, and bird habitats and other sanctuary areas for wildlife.  Beginning in 2018, the Environmental Commission has taken on the duties of the former Open Space/Farmland Preservation Commission.

2018 Environmental Commission

Current Term Expires
Rene Mareski, Chairperson 12/31/18
 Tim Walter, Commissioner 12/31/20
Rene Mareski, Commissioner 12/31/19
Donald MacNab, Commissioner 12/31/18
Natalia Hrybowych Commissioner 12/31/18
George Rodelius, Commissioner 12/31/20
Linda Fragassi, Commissioner 12/31/19
John Coates,           Commissioner 12/31/18
Dawn March, Alternate 1 12/31/19
Jason Andris, Alternate 2

Natural Resource Inventory - February 2010:


Environmental Scoping Check List: