Master Plan Review Committee

Master Plan Review Committee - April 2018 Report
Master Plan Committee Final Report.pdf

Master Plan Re-Examination Report - May 10, 2018
2018ReexaminationReportAdopted5 10 18.pdf

Master Plan Review Committee:

Robert Holtaway, Resident and Former Mayor
Colin Hickey, Resident and Township Committee Member
Tim Walter, Resident & Environmental Commission Member

The Master Plan is dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing
Bedminster’s natural and cultural resources, and promoting a sustainable future for the Township and the region. The vision for Bedminster’s future is reflected in these key objectives:

Protecting and improving the quality of the air and water that flow through
Bedminster, thereby enhancing regional air and water quality

Conserving community character by carefully managing the scale and
intensity of new development and retaining farmland and open spaces.

Preserving our cultural landscape by recognizing historic structures and
districts, and managing change within the historic villages.

Protecting scenic vistas of the rural countryside and the villages and
hamlets that impart the special character of Bedminster.

Providing a balance of opportunities to live, work and play in safe and
attractive surroundings.

Maintaining an efficient circulation system that promotes important
circulation linkages retains the rural road system and provides for
pedestrian, equestrian and bicycle movements.

Expanding the Greenway system linking significant public open spaces
along a network of pathways, waterways and significant natural features.

Realization of this vision will require a combination of public actions, such as
farmland preservation, open space and development rights acquisition, private
conservation efforts and sustainable land use strategies and zoning techniques.

Statement of Purpose
The purposes of the Municipal Land Use Law articulate the objectives of the State in providing municipalities with the power to plan and zone. These purposes of the enabling legislation, in concert with specific local goals and objectives, guide Bedminster’s Master Plan.