Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Team coordinates the local response to emergency situations.

Current Term
Chris Crowell - Coordinator             12/31/2025            
Police Chief Francesco Bernardo - Deputy Coordinator 12/31/2025
Zachary Rubin-  Deputy Coordinator             12/31/2025

Kevin Murray - PPWM ( Ex Officio **)          12/31/2023      
Lewis Moore, Jr. - Chief Pottersville Fire Co.           12/31/2023
Carson Brienza - Chief Far Hills-Bedminster Fire Co.
Danielle Yang- Captain Far Hills-Bedminster First Aid Squad 12/31/2023
Allyson Agathis, MD - Township Physician 12/31/2023        
Robin Ray - Clerk/Administrator (Ex Officio **)      12/31/2023
Lawrence F. Jacobs - Mayor (Ex Officio **) 12/31/2023
Debra Stern - Chief Financial Officer 12/31/2023
Dr. Namith Reddy - Somerset County Health Dept.           12/31/2023           
Robin Ray - Interim Shelter Coordinator             12/31/2023
Paul Ferriero, P.E., Twp. Engineer - Damage Assessment            12/31/2023         

**   Appointment of PPWM, Township Administrator and Mayor are limited to their being in their respective positions.

The Clarence Dillon Library off Route 206 has installed a Standby Generator that will provide ongoing full library services in the aftermath of any future disabling super storm such as Hurricane Sandy.  The library will serve as a refuge for warmth, children's activities, coffee and fellowship, normal computer use, and charging of electronic devices.