Letter of Good Conduct

The Bedminster Township Police Department will provide a “Letter of Good Conduct” to residents as a courtesy. This letter will verify that a check of the Bedminster Twp. Police Department’s Record System was completed and will state, “No criminal record or otherwise adverse police record on file”.

To request a Letter of Good Conduct, please see the Records Clerk at police headquarters. You may also download the form below. The form may be submitted via facsimile or in person.

A letter will not be provided if a search of the files of the Bedminster Twp. Police Department discloses that the applicant had been involved in incidents of a criminal nature. The Bedminster Twp. Police Department reserves the right to determine when such a letter will be provided. The Bedminster Twp. Police Department cannot provide any applicant with a copy of their own Criminal History Records Information (CHRI).

New Jersey Administrative Code (N.J.A.C.) 13:59-1 et seq. authorizes the dissemination of New Jersey criminal record information (CHRI) by the New Jersey State Police (NJSP), Identification & Information Technology Section (I&ITS). Inquiries can be made through the New Jersey State Police, Criminal Information Unit at 609-882-2000 ext. 2918.

Letter of Good Conduct Request Form