Zoning Official

Zuzana Karas - Zoning Officer

Email: zkaras@bedminster.us
Telephone: (908) 212-7000, ext. 423

 The Bedminster Township Zoning/Engineering Office is responsible for enforcement of Bedminster Township Land Management Ordinances and selective General Ordinances, reviewing changes to Property Site Plans to determine if Bedminster Township Land Use Board Applications are required and issuing Zoning Permits, Tree Removal Permits, Soil Disturbance Permits, Change in Use/Occupancy Permits for Commercial Properties, Fence/Wall Permits, Sign Permits and Temporary Sign or Banner Permits. The Zoning Officer also assists residents in determining if a proposed project/change in use is permitted by the Land Management Ordinances.

Zoning Permits are required for any changes to the exterior of any property, both residential and commercial, such as deck replacements, emergency generator installations, patios, walkways, driveways, new construction and additions, signs, retaining walls and fences.

All applications for the above mentioned required permits may be obtained at the Bedminster Township Construction Office, Bedminster Township Municipal Building, One Miller Lane, Bedminster, NJ.

Please click below for a Zoning Permit Application Form and an Application for Site Plan Exemption.

Zoning Permit Application Form:

Application for Site Plan Exemption: