Fire Prevention

Certificate of Smoke Alarm/Carbon Monoxide Alarm/ Portable Fire Extinguisher Compliance (CSACMAPFEC) for One and Two Family Dwellings in Bedminster

Effective April 1, 2018

New Jersey State Requirements for compliance require:

Prior to the sale or lease of any residential structure or any change in occupancy for residential purposes, the owner shall obtain a CSACMAPFEC with the Bedminster Township Fire official.

• Smoke Alarms
o Minimum of one on each level is required. Including the basement.
o If the smoke alarms are hardwired interconnected every Smoke Alarm in the house MUST go off when one is tested. Battery operated alarms shall not replace any interconnected alarm systems.
o All Smoke Alarms are required by the State to be replaced every ten (10) years; and to be of the ten (10) year sealed battery type.
o All Smoke Alarms must be maintained as approved at the time of construction or renovation.

• Carbon Monoxide Alarms
o Outside each bedroom(s) in hallway within 10’ of each bedroom doorway.
o In a one bedroom condo place inside bedroom. All Carbon Monoxide alarms are required to be changed every ten (10) years.
o Carbon Monoxide Alarms are permitted to be battery operated, hard-wired or the plug in type.

• Portable Fire Extinguishers
o SIZE: Portable Fire Extinguishers are required on resale and rental of all residential dwellings. The requirement is that the Fire Extinguisher is a 2A/10 BC dry chemical UL rated and does NOT exceed 10 lbs.

o LOCATION: Visible mounted within 10 feet of kitchen. Height not to exceed 5’ and cannot be behind a door or inside a cabinet. Fire Extinguisher must be in a fully charged condition and the operating instructions must be clearly visible.
o All Fire Extinguishers must be purchased within the last 12 months of the inspection and have the receipt and instruction manual present at the time of the inspection. Or the Fire Extinguisher shall be serviced and tagged by a certified Division of Fire Safety contractor within the past12 months.

For homes with a Monitored Central Alarm System (which is the only fire alarm system), an NFPA 72 Inspection Report certifying that the system is fully functional must be provided to the Bedminster Fire Inspector at or prior to the Bedminster Township CSACMAPFEC inspection (but not more than 30 Days prior to the scheduled town inspection). This must be done by a NJ- licensed fire protection company.

The application fee for a certificate of smoke detector and carbon monoxide alarm compliance CSACMAPFEC shall be based upon the amount of time remaining before the change of occupancy as follows:

1. $45.00 if the request is received more than ten (10) business days prior to the change of occupancy.

2. $70.00 if the request is received four (4) to ten (10) business days prior to the change of occupancy.

3. $125.00 if the request is received fewer than four (4) business days prior to the change of occupancy.

4. Any request for a duplicate copy of the CSACMAPFEC certificate will cost a fee of twenty ($20.00) dollars.

Inspections will NOT be scheduled without payment.
Re-inspections of premises that are found to be NOT ACCESSIBLE on the schedule date and time or NON-COMPLIANT with the information provided in this document will be required to re-schedule and re-pay the appropriate fee again.

In accordance with the Uniform Fire Code of the State of New Jersey all bonfires and open burns may require a New Jersey State Forest Fire Permit and a Type 1 Permit from Bedminster Township in order to conduct such an activity. Contact Bedminster Township Fire Official to obtain information.


Fire Permit Application.pdf

2018 Food Truck Permit.pdf

Kidde Recalls Dual Sensor Smoke Alarms.pdf

Any questions regarding Fire Prevention matters can be directed to:

Contact Fire Prevention Assistant Janine DeLeon 908-212-7000, ext. 427

Thomas Anderson, Bedminster Township Fire Official 908-212-7000 ext. 426