Spotted Lanternfly is Officially in Bedminster!

Spotted Lanternfly
Posted on 08/30/2021
The Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is an invasive planthopper native to Asia. We are asking for your help to stop the movement of this invasive pest within and outside the current quarantine zone. Somerset County is one of the eight SLF quarantined counties in New Jersey. Any efforts you make in destroying the Spotted Lanternfly and its egg masses will help reduce populations on your property and in our township. 
The SLF does not bite or sting but has the potential to destroy crops and trees. A weekly check of your surroundings, tree trunks, decks, patio & deck furniture, grills, vehicles, etc… for egg masses and removal, or notification to your Homeowner’s Association or landscaper if relevant, of these egg masses is crucial.
Following these recommendations will not only have a direct positive environmental impact on our trees and crops in our beautiful Garden State, but a positive financial impact on its residents.

To report spotted lantern flies in your area please click Here