Shop Bedminster Program

Shop Bedminster App Now Available
Posted on 08/17/2021
To our Shop Bedminster friends!
We are happy to announce that the Shop Bedminster app is available for download for Android and iPhone Users:
Customers Flyer-APP Bedminster.pdf

Fincredit is the administrator of the Shop Bedminster property tax reward program. Under the program, when using a Shop Bedminster loyalty-type reward card at participating Bedminster Township merchants and other selected participating merchants located outside Bedminster Township, the merchants will provide property owner(s) or the cardholder or cardholders a rebate on purchases in the form of property tax credits. The yearly transfer of credits to your property tax account is subject to $1 service fee. Individuals participating in the program that do not own a property in Bedminster Township will receive a check for the total amount of the rebate accumulated over the Shopping Period. Checks are subject to a $7 check handling fee. Weekly, Fincredit collects and deposits all the rebates from the participating merchants in a dedicated bank account.

Shop Bedminster cards are available at Town Hall, Peapack-Gladstone Bank (sponsor), the Clarence Dillon Public Library and participating merchants throughout Bedminster.

For more information, to see a listing of participating businesses or to sign up for the card, go to: