Brush Collection

Brush Collection
Brush Collection

Brush collection will begin on the Fourth Monday in April. Residents will be restricted to 1 (one) pile of brush per property – 6’ long x 4’ wide x 2’ high pile of bush.  Piles should be stacked neatly so that all but ends are facing the road edge.  No stumps.If a brush pile exceeds the restricted size the pile will be tagged and left.  It will be the responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of.Residents must have brush the curb no later than 8:00am of the Fourth Monday in April.The Public Works facility will still be open for brush drop off Monday – Friday 7:30am – 3:00pm.

The crew will only collect on streets once.  Any resident who places brush at the curb after the crew has collected from that street, will be responsible for removing their pile. Absolutely no leaves will be picked up during brush collection. Collection will only take place for residents who live on the following roads:  Any residents who live on private roads are prohibited from placing a brush pile on or along a public road.  The Public Works facility is available for drop off Monday – Friday 7:00am – 3:00pm

Rt 202 (Somerville Road/Main St.)

Clucas Brook Rd.

Lamington Rd. From Rt. 206 to Rt. 202

O'Brien Ct.

Tuttle Ave.

Jordana Ct.

Riverwood Ave.

Desiree Ct.

Fairview Drive

Sgt. David Stoddard Ct.

Wildwood Ave.

Black River Rd. from Herzog Bridge

Bedminster Terrace

to Church

Hillside Ave.

Southfield Dr.


Union Grove Rd.


Lisk hill

Old Dutch Place

Longview Rd.

Old Dutch East

Daly Rd.

Old Stonehouse Rd.

Gatehouse Rd.

Berkshire Ct.

Autumn Ridge Rd.

Ski Hill

Smoke Rise Rd. and Lane

Oakura Rd.

Revere Dr.