Nixle Community Notification System

The Bedminster Township Police Department is participating in a citizen notification system that may be of interest to you. The Police Department has the ability to send out emergency, special conditions and public safety messages to any citizen who chooses to sign up for the Nixle System. Through this system, citizens can receive notification of appropriate situations and circumstances via their e-mails, their cell phones, or both. The choice is up to the citizens.

Situations and circumstances such as road closures, emergency weather information, requests for information from the public, and similar police-related topics can be broadcast to the public very quickly via the Nixle system. Citizens who participate in the system would receive the messages in a timely manner. There is no cost for signing up. Text message charges for a citizen's cell phone account would apply, depending on the individual's cell phone plan.

To learn more about the system, go to on your computer. After reviewing the information, you can sign up right away on that website and become a part of the system upon completion of the sign-up process.

Please review the website to see if you can benefit from participation. Those who participate are hereby noticed and cautioned that under some conditions, notices may not be sent out immediately or at all. While the police department will do its very best to send out notices in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee that all conditions will allow us to do so. Please bear this in mind when deciding about signing up.